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Saturday, June 30, 2012

The WCGAPS Kid’s Ghost Hunt is back! It will be held on Saturday June 30th, 2012 from 10pm-1am at Monti’s La Casa Veija in Tempe, AZ. This time around will have more ghost hunting and be offering limited tickets for a VIP dinner with the Ghost Hunters of West Coast GAPS at 6pm.

Tickets will be available starting Friday 6/15/12

The West Coast Ghost and Paranormal Society is a Phoenix, Arizona based group of paranormal investigators. We conduct paranormal investigations throughout AZ and the United States. Our purpose is to find scientific explanations for haunting claims and paranormal activity while educating and easing the fears of our clients. West Coast GAPS conducts every investigation with professionalism, understanding and sensitivity. Our research is completely supported by fundraising efforts and donations.

WCGAPS will NEVER charge for investigation.

West Coast GAPS team investigates paranormal claims from a scientific point of view. We believe it is easier to prove something by disproving what is reasonable. Instead of searching for the paranormal, we research and seek out scientific explanations for strange occurrences. In some cases, however, normal explanations cannot resolve what we find. If after capturing evidence we are unable to find a reasonable explanation for a claim, we scrutinize our findings and only then acknowledge it as a paranormal event.

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